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MC32N0-RL2HCLE0A - Zebra Mobile device

Configuration of device: Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, Bluetooth, Full Audio, Rotating Head, 1D Laser SE96x, Color-touch display, 28 Key, High Capacity Battery, System Windows CE 7.x Pro, 512MB RAM/2GB ROM, English, World Wide
The MC3200 is the industry’s leading fully keyed midrange mobile computer that offers reliable operation in retail, warehouse and manufacturing use cases. The MC3200 offers 3 form factors (Gun, Straight, Rotate) as well as 3 keypad options (28, 38, & 48 key) to fit diverse business needs. Standard configurations of the MC3200 offer the following features: CE7.x Only, 512MB/2GB memory, 800MHz processor.

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MC3200 Configuration

Product Configuration Matrix: Rogue        
Family ??XXXX-      
  MC = Mobile Computer  
Series XX??      
  32 = 3200 Series  
Wireless Radio Option XCXX?X-      
  N = WLAN 802.11 a/b/g/n  
WAN XCXXN?-      
  0 = None  
Dash XCXXNX- = Dash  
Form Factor XCXXNX-?      
  R = Rotating head  
  S = Straight Shooter  
  G = Gun  
Scan Engine XCXXNX-X?      
  L = SE965 Standard Range Scan Engine (Same as MC92)  
  I = SE4750 Standard Range  
  D = SE4750 DPM  
  F = SE4750 Medium Range  
Keypad XCXXNX-XX?      
  2 = 28 Key  
  3 = 38 Key  
  4   48 Key  
Battery Capacity XCXXNX-XXX?      
  S = Standard capacity 2740mAH  
  H   High capacity 4800mAH  
Operating System XCXXNX-XXXX?      
  C = Windows CE 7  
  A   Android JB with Mx  
Memory XCXXNX-XXXXX?      
  L = 512 MB RAM/ 2 GB FLASH  
  H = 1 GB RAM/ 4 GB FLASH  
Language XCXXNX-XXXXXX?      
  E = English  
  C = Simplified Chinese  
  K = Korean  
  J = Japanese  
Sensors XCXXNX-XXXXXXX?      
  0 = None  
  I = Interactive sensor technology (IST)  
Country or Custom XCXXNX-XXXXXXXX?      
  A = Worldwide ROHS  
  TN   Tunisia  


Manufacturer Zebra
Product family Zebra MC32N0
Model Zebra MC32N0
Kategorie Readers / Terminals / Scanners Terminals Mobile terminals
Net price 527.00 EUR


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MC32-R 1D SE965 512/2GB 28K CE7 2X | MOT-32N0RL2HCLE0A