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Zebra MC3300 Standard - MC330M-GI2HA2RW

The MC33XX is the 4th generation of the industry leading MC3XXX franchise. It is a fully keyed midrange mobile computer with a large display that offers reliable operation in retail, warehouse and manufacturing use cases. The MC33XXG offers light weight rugged device with 3 keypad options 29, 38, 47 key combined with 3 scanner options including SE965, SE4750, and introducing SE4850 extended range imager all on an updated model platform. Features 1.8GHz Processor, 2GB/16GB memoryHardworking people demand a hardworking mobile computer and nothing does the job like the new MC3300. From front-of-shop to the warehouse, it has the features – such as increased picking rates, easier aim and more – that finish the job. Equiped with differnt combination part number, MC3300 give you the dirrent option of reading and scanning capability. Brick form scanner give you the direct face off scanning and reading. Twisted barcode reader let you read your barcode with dirrent angle or position sticking, gun shape reader will be the most easy to carry and scan combination.

Multiple form factors option
Unbelieveable scanning capability.
Peach of mind investment
Communication make simple
compatible with it previous MC3200 model accessories
Android OS ready

Standard, Gun, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, Bluetooth, 2D Imager SE475x, 4.0-Inch display, 29 Key, High Capacity Battery, Android, 2GB RAM/16GB ROM, RW

Configuration MC3300


Producer Zebra
Model Zebra MC3300
Categories Mobile computing Terminals Scanners
Net Price 911.52 EUR

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MC33-G 2D 29K 2X 2/16GB A7.0 WW | ZEB-MC330MGI2HA2RW