Regulations of the "Double Safe" promotion

Official Regulations of the organized promotion by Famoc S.A. for customers of M3 Mobile GmbH and PDAserwis Adam Kasprzyk



The organizer of the promotion is Famoc S.A. with headquarters at ul. Wajdeloty 12A, 80-437 Gdańsk and NIP number PL6040003120.

Organizer's partners:

M3 Mobile GmbH, Am Holzweg 26, 65830 Kriftel, Germany.

PDAservice Adam Kasprzyk, ul. Henry Ford I 8, 09-100 Płońsk, NIP 522 274 18 57

Client: Every organization operating in the territory of the Republic of Poland uses or purchases M3 Mobile GmbH devices during the Promotion period and has not used the FAMOC manage solution so far. The list of devices covered by the promotion can be found in Appendix 1 to these Regulations.


2. Eligible to participate in the promotion:

The promotion is available to end customers who report their will to use it to the Organizer's Partner PDAserwis Adam Kasprzyk: to the e-mail address:, during the promotion period.

3.Consent to the rules of the regulations:

By participating in the promotion, the Customer accepts these rules and declares that he meets the requirements and that he will accept the decision of the Organizer or the Organizer's Partner to grant a license as binding and final.

4. Promotion period:

Applications will be accepted from 01/07/2021 to 31/12/2021. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the promotion at any time chosen by it, as well as to extend the duration of the promotion.

5.How to participate in the promotion:

To participate in the promotion, please contact the Organizer Partner PDAserwis Adam Kasprzyk by e-mail to the e-mail address ( with a request to take advantage of the promotion.

The customer cannot participate in the promotion using multiple e-mail addresses or identities. If the Customer uses fraudulent methods or otherwise tries to circumvent the rules, the application may be removed from the rights at the sole discretion of the Organizer.

6. Subject of the promotion:

The subject of the promotion is a FAMOC manage standard term license for one year in the cloud or on-site. Regardless of the selected license type, the Customer also receives the Needs Analysis service in the form of a 3-hour online workshop along with the configuration of the FAMOC manage solution with a representative of the Organizer.

The FAMOC manage standard license is free for promotion participants.

The promotion will be awarded to the Customer for the rugged M3 Mobile Android terminals used in the organization or purchased during the promotion period. To take advantage of the Promotion, you must have a minimum of 10 M3 Mobile devices.

The number of devices covered by the free FAMOC manage license corresponds to the number of M3 Mobile devices owned, but not more than 50.

In the case of on-site implementation, the Promotion does not include implementation costs. The implementation will take place remotely and will be carried out by a representative of the Organizer. A cloud-based or on-site term license is granted for 12 months and expires thereafter, unless the customer decides to purchase a license.

The free Needs Analysis service includes a thorough interview with the customer about how mobile devices are or will be used in the organization and what kind of information will be stored on these devices. Based on the collected information, the PDAserwis Partner will present recommendations regarding the configuration of devices. In addition, the entire range of security measures that can be imposed by the FAMOC manage system on the device, data stored on the device or applications is verified.

7. Information about the award of the promotion:

Customers willing to participate in the promotion will be notified by the Organizer's Partner via e-mail that the promotion has been granted. The license will be sent electronically, and the possible implementation of the service will take place remotely.

8. Additional conditions:

The Promoter reserves the right to cancel, end, modify or suspend the promotion in the event of any unforeseen conditions. The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any person who manipulates or tries to manipulate the course of the promotion, as well as to verify the registered customers.

9. Promotions cannot be combined:

The above promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion offered by the Organizer during the duration of this promotion.

10.Possible disputes:

As a condition of participation in the promotion, the Customer agrees that any disputes related to the conduct of the promotion will be settled individually.

Attachment 1:

List of M3 Mobile devices covered by the Promotion: